SKC Video-AV Integration

Video-AV Integration

SKC Communications designs, builds, and manages technology for enterprise collaboration using video, AV, and voice technologies, so that you can communicate smarter and faster.

Design SKC Video-AV Integration

Our design engineers evaluate how your organization communicates and will develop a complete A/V system that uses your existing technology, new updated pieces, or a combination of both.

SKC Video-AV Integration

Full support is provided for the installation. Working closely with your team, your SKC Project Manager directs the efforts of the entire project with a documented plan that focuses on all aspects of planning, development, delivery, testing, training, and orientation.

We create a quality design to suit your needs. SKC will evaluate your requirements for Performance, Space, Usage Scenarios, Network Infrastructure, and Security.

Build SKC Video-AV Integration

After your system is designed, our project management and manufacturer -certified installation teams get to work setting up new pieces and introducing them to your existing technology, so everything plays nice together.

Our install technicians will deliver all the equipment, cabling, rack build, installation, and commissioning (to ensure everything is functioning properly).

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What does an SKC Project Lifecycle look like?


Touch Panels


SKC’s certified programmers will prepare your touch panel design and complete control coding.


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Manage SKC Video-AV Integration

Your Videoconferencing or audio video integration system doesn’t do you any good if it’s causing you problems or you’re always waiting for a meeting to begin because the technology doesn’t work.

SKC’s managed services offer a variety of proactive maintenance capabilities, so that you can go about your daily business while we make sure your systems are running smoothly. We then analyze detailed management reports that help you determine how to use the technology more efficiently.

Receive prioritized, on-going support for your SKC provided and installed Video and A/V solution with one of our service agreements.

Outside of the 30-day workmanship guarantee, one of the following service levels will be required for access to SKC’s expert staff.